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Welcome to the Xebia Functional Academy

Elevate your Functional Programming education experience with the Xebia Functional.


The Xebia Functional Academy is an immersive experience featuring in-depth instructor-led courses with hands-on exercises, workshops, webinars, talks, and special events. Focused on languages like Scala, Kotlin, and Haskell, the Academy will take you on a visual journey through concepts, patterns, and applications led by seasoned trainers who are veterans in the Functional Programming industry.

  • Our trainers

    Academy courses are led by seasoned trainers who are veterans in the Functional Programming industry.

  • Different levels

    Whether you’re learning the fundamentals or ready for more advanced topics, our catalog includes educational content for all skill levels.

  • Based on community

    Our trainers frequently give free talks, webinars, and workshops on a variety of subjects, themes, and open source libraries. Explore all our available free content on our Youtube.


When it comes to Functional Programming, the Xebia Functional Academy has you covered. We have courses focused on languages like Kotlin, Scala, Haskell, Swift, and others!

Here's what attendees are saying:

Haskell course attendee

"I thought I knew some Haskell before attending this course, but I learned that it is a much richer language than I originally thought. I am very happy I attended, and although several concepts were new for me, and will take some further time and studying to digest, I understood concepts used in a couple of other FP Languages. The instructor not only knows Haskell, but also loves it, and likes to offer knowledge about it."

Haskell webinar attendee

"I think that Haskell (and FP in general) are kind of underrated but still productive "ways" to implement SW, and I am happy that this webinar gives me the opportunity to learn more, and to find out that there are engineers with whom I share the similar opinions about SW engineering."

Kotlin course attendee

"Really nice experience, also the course exercises with the IntelliJ Edu Tools plugin, well done. The chat interaction with Simon and Raul helping Jorge keep the pace (without leaving unanswered questions) was also helpful."

Property-based testing for the win!

Enrique C.

"Scalacheck for me used to be one of those scary libraries that I avoided but thanks to the very comprehensible and hands-on approach in the course I can finally say that I understand it and that I am eager to keep using it!"